Day of Giving

On January 30, 2018, as part of our Celebrate Catholic Schools Week, The Epiphany School Foundation participated in Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools.

Every gift helps every child and gifts of all sizes are meaningful. All proceeds will go towards our greatest need, The Epiphany Annual Fund. Show your support and help us reach 100% participation this year! 

Click below to view our 2018 Giving Day video created by Luka Funduk

Thank you to all of our current families who have supported the 2017-2018 Epiphany Annual Fund!

The Acevedo Family
The Addison Family
The Ali Family
The Ancona Family
Anonymous (5)
The Isabella Aponte Family
Arun Banerjee and Eva Wayne
The Baran Family
Liz and Paulo Barbosa
The Beckman Family
Niels Beekman and Carolina Joosten
Kenneth Beitler and Jyunko Naito
The Bettex Family
Katherine and Michael Bettigole
Kalappa Bittianda and Ashley Hamilton
Matthew and Marissa Boss
Geoffrey and Melissa Boulter
The Bourjolly Family
Attila Boydak and Mary Fedor
The Brooks Family
Kenneth and Melissa Cabuang
The Cain Family
Eileen Callan
Lorraine and Alannah Callan
The Campbell Family
Ignacio and Nicole Campillo
Nicole and Michael Capella
The Capellino-Bozzo Family
The Cariaso Family
Lindsay and John Carr
The Carroll Family
Catherine and John Carter
The Casella Family
Jane and Joe Castle
James and Joanna Cawley
Donna, AJ and Brendan Chen
Blaise Chow and Kristin Quitoni
Noreen Clarke-Necina
Bart Codd and Allison Hemming
Lynnette and Bill Cooke
Robert E. Copps and Sharon E. Sieber
The D’Aiuto Family
Stella and Joe D’Orio
Drew and Donna Doscher
Robert and Jennifer Dowd
The Downey Family
Iris and Wan Lung Eng
The Evans Family
Scott and Pam Felenstein
The Fleischer Family
The Fox Family
The Kingston Family
John and Colleen Flores
The Flynn Family
Paul and Kristina Fox
Ariane and Guillaume Frechette
Daniel and Mary Fried
The Fulton Family
James and Louise Galleshaw
Jim and Kristi Gannon
The Geddes Family
Chloe Collie Giles and Family
The Gillespie Family
The Michael Gillespie Family
Scott and Lisa Gramling
An Epiphany Grandparent
Proud Grandparent
The Grayson Family
Jessica and Kevin Greaney
The Grillo Family
The Gould Family
John and Senge Gray
The Hanna Family
Mary Jane and Tim Higgins
The Hoecherl Family
Nisa and Jonathan Hsu
Gilbert and Michelle Ines
John and Karen Ivanac
The Jackson Family
Melissa D. James and Amanda J.B. James
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Jones
Meghan and Diarmuid Joye
The Judge Family
Molly Evans and Emre Kavlakoglu
The Keane Family
Bill and Alice Keefe
The Keller Barsoli Family
Maria and Brian Kim
The Kinsella Family
Loreto and Hazel Kudera
The LaGuardia Family
Patrick and Mary Lane
Bella and Bettina Larson
The Larucci Family
Mary Anne and Timothy Leahy
The Leary Family
The Lee Family
The Lenoir Family
The Leo-Rousseau Family
The Leykam Family
Gina and Michael Liotti
The Liptrot / Wilson Family
The Litton Family
The Luick Family
The Lynn Family
Jeff MacDonagh and Kendra Stensven
The Magel Family
Edward and Caroline Maher
The Marcell Family
Nicholas and Donna Marfino
The Marino Family
The Marsh Family
Pedro and Cristina Mateo
The McAnaney Family
Eileen and John McCarthy
Chris and Christina McCartin
Patrick and Myra McCormack
The McGarry Family
Lillian and Bill McHugh
The McHugh Family
Roy and Candice McInnis
The Medic Family
The Mertz Family
Jim and Kanako Mirenda
Mateo Molina
Suzanne and Matthew Monahan
Stephen and Victoria Mondelli
The Moretto Family
Matthew Morningstar and Alan van Capelle
Ajay and Christine Munshi
Christine and Michael Murray
Al and Annie Muzaurieta
The Naughton Family
Alex O’Brien
Cate O’Hara
The Oliver Family
Renee Olivier
Ursula and John O’Reilly
Kevin Osowiecki and Kathleen Jones
Otazo-Viveros Family
The Perrotta Family
Jim Pharo and Kathleen O’Keefe
The Kevin O’Keefe Family
Kevin and Susan Puchert
Donna Pylyp and David Petrie
Lydia and Anthony Rapillo
The Rathbone Family
The Ravin Family
Donna McCabe and Michael Regan
Alexander and Maria Reyfman
Gabriel Rivera and Family
Joanne and Nicholas Rodgers
Maureen and Jonathan Rozanski
Diana and Bruce Sabados
Dinesh and Komal Sakhrani
Svitlana and Steven Salvesen
The Sandri Family
Nimit and Vanita Savani
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Sclafani
Nick Setounski and Evangelia Vardakarf
The Shibata Family
Maria and Brandon Smith
The Snider Family
Solen’s Family
Allison and David Spector
Thomas and Maureen Sullivan
Michael and Leah Spano/Flatiron Contracting
The Tanoff Family
The Taylor Family
Agnes Teng and Michael Parniawski
The Theodos Family
The Thompson Family
The Transom Family
The Turetsky Family
The Van Ness Family
The Villagomez Family
Brian and Rose Vrabel
Mason Vohs
Francisco Walsh Family
The Wertheimer Family
Christina and Joe White
Chris and Jessica Wood
The Woodall Family
Christian Zebicoff and Elizabeth Mulholland