Feeding Our Neighbors


Every year, The Epiphany School Foundation partners with the Catholic Charities Feeding Our Neighbors food drive to give back to our community. This campaign runs from September through October, and is an integral partner of The Epiphany School’s Walk and Fall Festival in an event focused on strengthening our community within Epiphany and beyond.

“There is just one goal for Feeding Our Neighbors: to ensure that no hungry neighbor is turned away.”

Last year, our food drive provided over 6,000 meals for the food pantry at Our Lady of Sorrows Church (OLS) on the Lower East Side. This year, we are happy to report that we were able to provide them with over 10,000 meals!!

How did we achieve this?

In addition to the traditional method of collecting in drop-off boxes throughout the school, we also implemented a new way for families to donate by ordering items from our Amazon Wish List and having them shipped directly to the school. This additional option enabled our busy parents to get the job done within today’s norm of being connected to social media and the Internet.

Just from online purchases alone over the course of one month, our community spent over $2,400 and provided an additional 1,505 individual cans/boxes of non-perishable products for this food drive – what an overwhelming response!

2016 Food Drive Online Purchases

Grains: 749 cans/boxes

Proteins: 243 cans/boxes

Vegetables: 190 cans/boxes

Fruits: 217 cans/boxes

Other: 106 cans/boxes

Total: 1,505 cans/packages

By using both methods of collection, we were able to supply the OLS food pantry with a greater quantity and a greater variety of products.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. So we are all familiar with how a little support can go a long way. We are very proud of our school, our community, and our efforts in feeding our neighbors in need. The message is loud and clear: EPIPHANY CARES.

Thank you to all our donors and volunteers for making this event a great success!

Agnes Teng

On behalf of the 2016 Epiphany Walk and Fall Festival Chairs


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