Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, November 27, 2018 this year, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. #GivingTuesday connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations around the world for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. Epiphany has decided to join this movement by encouraging our community to help us raise $50,000 for our Annual Fund

We did it! Our community came together and raised an incredible $71,000! THANK YOU!

The Annual Fund provides unrestricted funding for programs and services essential to helping The Epiphany School meet its goal of educating the whole child. These funds keep tuition low so we are able to attract a diverse community of families. The most direct way to support our students is through the Annual Fund, so we aim to have 100% participation by our parents as well as seek support from our friends, alumni, faculty, and local corporations and foundations.

Every gift helps every child and gifts of all sizes are meaningful.

Thank you to all of our current families who supported the 2018-2019 Epiphany Annual Fund:

Sarah Acevedo
The Ali Family
The Aponte Family
Paul Atanasio
The Ayres Family
The Bailey Family
Mark Baker and Linda Wayner
Arun Banerjee and Eva Wayne
The Baran Family
The Barbosa Family
Patricia and John Barsoli
Adam Berger and Carolann Sterling
John and Maria Bettex
Katherine and Michael Bettigole
The Bittianda Family
Janis and Eugene Blakeslee
BNY Mellon Corporation’s Community Partnership
The Bourjolly Family
The Boychew Family
Attila Boydak and Mary Fedor
Patrick Brennan and Susan Gould
Bradford and Manon Buonasera
Jennifer and Martin Breslin
Bryan and Emily Bruno
The Burke Family
The Byrne Family
The Cain Family
Lorraine & Alannah Callan
Mr. and Mrs. Conor Campbell
Michael and Nicole Capella
The Capellino-Bozzo Family
The Caramihai Family
Julie, Joe & Tommy Carey 
The Cariaso Family
The Carroll Family
John and Catherine Carter
The Casella Family
The Champion Family
Donna, AJ & Brendan Chen
Karen Choueiri and Curt Ferber
The Codd Family
The Consilvio Family
The Contessa Family
Lynnette and William Cooke
Robert E. Copps and Sharon E. Sieber
The Cuddihy Family
Milcho and Stani Cvetkov
Katherine Crotty
Theresa Crotty and Keith Wynne
Samantha and Dominick D’Aleo
Allison Hemming and Bart Codd
The De Chicchis Family
The D’Aiuto Family
The Deasy Family
The Deering Family
The Denhoys 
Franciscus Diaba
Robert and Jennifer Dowd
The Downey Family
The Downey Grads
Jordan and Nadine Eisenberg
Connie Easley
The Einhorn Family
Ryan Ericson
The Evans Family
Molly Evans and Emre Kavlakoglu
The Felenstein Family
The Ferrara Family
Regina and Michael Fitzgerald
M.J. and Hank Fitzpatrick
John and Colleen Flores
The Freeley Family
The Fulton Family
The Gabb Family
Tom and May Gaffney
The Gerety Family
Gilbert Giannini
Collie Giles Family
Noreen & Marc Gillespie
The Gillespie Family
Scott and Lisa Gramling
The Greaney Family
Michael Gregg III
The Gregory Family
The Grillo Family
Shannon Harknett
Kyle Harris and Rosemary Nurse
James Hayes and Anne Duffell
Kerry Higgins
Timothy and Mary Jane Higgins
William Higgins
The Hoecherl Family
Jonathan and Nisa Hsu
Indra Public Relations
John and Karen Ivanac
Robert Jacob and Catherine Coluzzi
Jacoby Family
Michael and Kerry Jones
The Kartholl Family
The Keane Family
Bill & Alice Keefe
The Keller Barsoli Family
The Kesic/Lazarevic Family
The Kingston Family
Janet and William Kirwan
Hazel Kudera
Kiernan and Marc LaGuardia
Mary and Patrick Lane
Beth LaVelle and Joseph Larucci
The Leary Family
Gunnar Leon and Sarah Feldman
Gina and Michael Liotti
The Liotti Family
Peter Liptrot and Anamaria Wilson
The Litton Family
The Luick Family
Michelle Lynch
Jeff MacDonagh and Kendra Stensven
The Magel Family
The Mangans
Kevin and Alanna Manz
Stephen and Rachel Marcell
The Marino Family
The Marsh Family
The Marugán family
The Mayo-Tobia Family
The McAnaney Family
Eileen and John McCarthy
The McCarthy-O’Hea Family
The McCormack Family
The McGarry Family
The McHugh Family
The McIntyre Family
Bruce McKnight ’60
The McManus Family
Kate and Brian McMahon
Richard Melesky
The Miller-Bierniak Family
The Minardo Family
The Monahan Family
Jennifer Monreal and Frank Walsh
Matthew Morningstar and Alan Van Capelle
Elizabeth Mulholland
The Mullen Family
The Muller Family
The Muzaurieta Family
The Naughton Family
Liliane S Ndong
The Nguyen Family
The O’Connor Family
Edward & Melissa O’Dell
O’Halloran-Gannon Family
Cate O’Hara
The Kevin O’Keefe Family
The O’Reilly Family
The Otazo Viveros Family
The Palombizio Family
Stephen and Violeta Paluszek
Michael Parniawski and Agnes Teng
Payan Family (Juan & Antoine)
The Perrotta Family
Michael and Marie Pesola
The Pezeu Family
Angelo Pino
Kevin and Susan Puchert
The Puliafito Family
Lydia Rapillo
The Rathbone Family
Joe and Sejal Redington
Michael Regan and Donna McCabe
Paul Resta and Margaret Spottig
Sabrina Ricci
The Richardson Family
The Rivera Family
The Rodriguez Family
Steve Rooney
Simone Sandri and Federica Boido
The Sahr Family
The Sakhrani Family
Nimit and Vanita Savani
The Schruth Family
Dr & Mrs Marc Sclafani
Edward & Suzanne Segur 
The Sencion Family
Derek and Elizabeth Sherman
The Shibata Family
The Shimaitis Family
Kirpal Singh & Navneet Gill
Sara and George Snider
Sowers Family
John Sowinski and Anne Marie O’Halloran
The Sullivan Family
The Tanoff Family
Beth Taylor
The Theodos Family
The Thompson Family
Theresia & Walter Tice
The Tracy Family
The Turetsky Family
The Van Ness Family
The Vohs Family
Matt Warshaw
Ms. Lori B. Wasserman
The Watson Family
The Wertheimer Family
The White Family
Chris and Jessica Wood
The Woodall Family
Sofia Wyszynski and Family
The Zaino Family
The Zannelli Family
Christian Zebicoff