Thank you to everyone that joined us this #Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019!  #GivingTuesday connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations around the world for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. Epiphany joined this movement, and we are incredibly grateful for our amazing community that brought in $77,825 for our Annual Fund on that day! 

The Annual Fund provides unrestricted funding for programs and services essential to helping The Epiphany School meet its goal of educating the whole child. These funds keep tuition low so we are able to attract a diverse community of families. The most direct way to support our students is through the Annual Fund, so we aim to have 100% participation by our parents as well as seek support from our friends, alumni, faculty, and local corporations and foundations.

Every gift helps every child and gifts of all sizes are meaningful.

Thank you to all who have supported #GivingTuesday:

Acevedo Family

 Ali Family

Alliance Bernstein

The Isabella Aponte Family

Michael & Dr. Helen Armstrong

The Audit Family

Maureen Ayres

The Bailey Family

Mark Baker and Linda Wayner

The Baran Family

Liz & Paulo Barbosa

The Beekman Family

The Bettex Family

The Bittianda Family


BNY Mellon

Natalia & Nikolay Bolshakov

The Borrelli Family

The Bourjolly Family

The Breslin Family

The Burke Family

The Byrne Family

The Cain Family

Lorraine & Alannah Callan

Conor and Kristy Campbell

Nicole & Michael Capella

The Capellino-Bozzo Family

The Caramihai Family

The Carey Family

The Cariaso Family

The Carley Family

Jack, Bailey & Kevin Carson

The Carters

The Casamatta Family

The Castle Family

The Caulfield Family

Alex and James Champion

Nelissa and John Chantengco

Alanna Chesney-Manz

The Chow Family

The Cini Family

Mr and Mrs William Cook

Christopher I. Coppola

Joey Coppola

Robert E. Copps and Sharon E. Sieber

The Crockett Family

Theresa Crotty and Keith Wynne

The Cuccurullo Family

Jim and Kathy Cuddihy

Milcho Cvetkov and Stanislava Grozdeva

The D’Aiuto Family

Drake and Xavier DaSilva

The Deasy Family

Deering Family

The Denhoy Family

Brenda Di Bari

Robert and Jennifer Dowd

The Downey Family

The Driscoll Family

The Eisenberg Family

The Ericson Family

The Evans Family

Jennifer and W Benjamin Falk

Mary Fedor and Attila Boydak

The Feurtado Family

John & Colleen Flores

The Freeley Family

The Fulton  Family

The Gaffney Family

Christopher and Patti Gallagher and Family

Jim & Louise Galleshaw

Grandparents Kerry & Mary Louise Galleshaw

Jim & Kristi Gannon

Michael and Catherine Garvey

The Gentzsch-Marugan Family

The Ghose Family

The Gillespie Family

The Gillespie Family

Katie Glover

Cornelius Golding

Goldman Sachs


The Gorman Family

Susan Gould & Patrick Brennan

Dominique Goyette-Nadeau and Panagiotis Boutsikakis

Scott and Lisa Gramling

John and Tsenge Gray

Marissa Gregory

The Grillo Family

Robert Grunder

Shannon Harknett

Jim and Anne Hayes

Allison Hemming & Bart Codd

The Hedengrens

Hernaiz Family

The Higgins Family

Mary Jane and Tim Higgins

Jonathan and Nisa Hsu

Courtney & Andreas Huber


The Ivanac Family

The Jacob Family

Kerry Jones

Molly Evans and Emre Kavlakoglu

The Keller Barsoli Family

The Kelly Family

The Kesic Lazarevic Family

The Kim-Matthews

The Kingstons

The Kramaruchuk Family

The LaGuardia Family

The Lane Family

Isabella & Bettina Larson

Beth LaVelle and Joseph Larucci

The Leary Family

Gina & Michael Liotti

The Litton Family

Jeffrey MacDonagh and Kendra Stensven

The Magel Family

The Mangan Family

The Marcell’s

The Marsh Family

The Maxworthy Family

The Mayo-Tobia Family

The McAnaney Family

Eileen and John McCarthy

John McCarthy OHea

The McCormack Family

Kevin and Amy McCoy

The McHugh Family

Candice and Roy McInnis

The McIntyre Family

Bruce McKnight

The McManus Family

The Minardo Family

The Monahan Family

The Morales Family

The Moretto Family

Matthew Morningstar and Alan van Capelle

Kim & Jerry Mullaney

The Mullen Family

J. Reilly, J. Bailey & James Ella Mumper

The Muller Family

Albert and Annie Muzaurieta

Christine and Michael Murray

Ms. Liliane Ndong

Miss O’Connell

The O’Connor Family

Edward and Melissa O’Dell

The O’Keefe Family

The O’Reilly Family

Leia Otazo

Vibha and Sal Palombizio

Agnes Teng and Michael Parniawski

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

The Payan Family

The Pesola Family

The Pezeu Family

Jim Pharo and Kathleen O’Keefe

Donna Pylyp and Dave Petrie

The Raptis Family

The Rathbone Family

Joseph and Sejal Redington

Sabrina Ricci

The Richardson Family

The Riordan Family

Gabriel Rivera & Family

Mateo and Tomas Rodriguez

The Rozanski Family

The Sakhrani Family

Matteo Sandri

The Sargen Family

The Savani Family

The Schruth Family

The Segur Family

The Setounski Family

Kristin G Shea

The Snider Family

The Stanley Family

The Sullivan Family

Margaret Tate

The Taylor Family

The Theodos family

The Thorpe Family

The Tice Family

The Trotta Family

The Turetsky Family


The Vaina Family


The Vrabel Family

The Walsh Family

Gabriel Rivera & Family

Daniel & Jillian Wells

The Wertheimer Family

Alex Wetmore

The Whelan Family

Christina and Joe White

 Kris Wiig

William E. Simon Foundation

The Wilson Liptrot Family

Chris and Jessica Wood

The Woodall Family

The Zaino Family

Anthony Ziccardi and Katherine Malloy

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